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“Delight your little ones with our collection of kids’ hooded sweatshirts featuring adorable animal designs. Cozy comfort meets playful style.”

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300 GSM: GSM stands for “grams per square meter” and is a measure of the fabric’s weight or thickness. In this case, the fabric used for the garment has a weight of 300 grams per square meter, indicating it is relatively thick and durable.

100% Cotton: This indicates that the garment is made entirely from cotton, a natural fiber known for its softness, breathability, and comfort.

Super Combed: Super combed cotton is a process where the cotton fibers are combed to remove impurities and short fibers, resulting in a smoother and more uniform fabric.

Pre Shrunk: Pre-shrunk means that the fabric has undergone a process to reduce its tendency to shrink when washed. This helps maintain the garment’s size and fit after washing.

Bio Washed: Bio washing is a textile finishing process that uses enzymes to make the fabric softer and reduce pilling. It can also enhance the fabric’s color brightness.

Derby Ribbed Hem & Cuff: This refers to the design of the hem (the bottom edge) and cuffs (the ends of the sleeves) of the garment. “Derby ribbed” likely indicates a specific type of ribbed pattern used in these areas for added style and comfort.

Unisex Regular Fit: This garment is designed to have a regular or standard fit that is suitable for both men and women. It is not tailored for a specific gender and is intended to provide a comfortable and relaxed fit.


0-12M, 12-23M, 24-35, 36-47M, 5Yrs, 7Yrs, 9Yrs, 13Yrs, 11Yrs

Customers reviews

  1. Chahna

    The zebra print is striking, and the quality is outstanding. Highly satisfied!

  2. Priti

    The butterfly design is beautiful, and the sweatshirt is comfortable. Great purchase!

  3. Kiran

    The frog design is adorable, and the hoodie is warm. Can’t ask for more!

  4. Aparna

    The monkey hoodie is a playful addition to my child’s wardrobe. A+!

  5. Urvi

    The horse design is lovely, and the sweatshirt is cozy. We’re impressed!

  6. Ojaswini

    Perfect for chilly days! The elephant hoodie is a hit in our house.

  7. Kashish

    My son can’t get enough of his alligator hoodie. It’s a 5-star item for sure!

  8. Prisha

    The dinosaur hoodie is a huge hit with my dino-obsessed kid. So cozy!

  9. Ekta

    My little one is thrilled with the giraffe hoodie. It’s soft and stylish.

  10. Avika

    The fox design is charming, and the sweatshirt is super comfy. We love it!

  11. Neha

    The lion design is fierce and fantastic. Great buy for animal-loving kids.

  12. Advika

    The penguin design is too cute, and the quality is top-notch. Highly recommended.

  13. Rashi

    My daughter loves her ladybug hoodie. It’s cute and cozy, a perfect combo.

  14. Anushka

    The koala print is adorable, and the hoodie is well-made. Excellent purchase!

  15. Anika

    My child adores the panda hoodie. It’s his new favorite. Perfect fit!

  16. Mira

    The shark hoodie is fierce and fun. Great for active kids.

  17. Kajal

    My daughter is thrilled with her owl hoodie. It’s a definite winner!

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