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Introducing our collection of t-shirt dresses, where comfort meets fashion in the most delightful way. These dresses redefine casual elegance, offering a laid-back yet stylish vibe that effortlessly transcends various settings.

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180 GSM: GSM stands for “grams per square meter” and indicates the weight or thickness of the fabric. In this case, the fabric used for the garment has a weight of 180 grams per square meter. This suggests that it is a lighter-weight fabric, making it suitable for warmer weather or as a lightweight layer.

100% Cotton: This indicates that the garment is made entirely from cotton, a natural fiber known for its softness, breathability, and comfort.

Super Combed: Super combed cotton is a process where the cotton fibers are combed to remove impurities and short fibers, resulting in a smoother and more uniform fabric.

Pre Shrunk: Pre-shrunk means that the fabric has undergone a process to reduce its tendency to shrink when washed, helping to maintain the garment’s size and fit.

Bio Washed: Bio washing is a textile finishing process that uses enzymes to make the fabric softer and reduce pilling. It can also enhance the fabric’s color brightness.

Lycra Ribbed Neck: This indicates that the neck of the garment features a ribbed design and contains Lycra or spandex fibers. Lycra is known for its stretchability and ability to provide a snug fit, so having it in the neck ribbing suggests a comfortable and flexible fit around the neck


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Customers reviews

  1. Saloni

    A Fashion Essential Elevate your style with this trendy full-length T-shirt featuring captivating face designs.

  2. Sanya

    Artistry in Cloth Wearable art comes to life on this shirt, where faces intertwine with creativity.

  3. Simran

    Your Daily Inspiration Add a touch of inspiration to your wardrobe with this distinctive full-length tee that’s bound to spark conversations.

  4. Ira

    Express Yourself Embrace individuality with this unique tee that highlights a variety of facial expressions.

  5. Aparna

    I was skeptical about the faces at first, but they grew on me. Now I adore them!

  6. Madhuri

    T-shirts are great icebreakers at events. Comfortable fit too.

  7. Ojaswini

    Received these as a gift and now I’m obsessed. Can’t stop wearing them!

  8. Kiran

    Artistic Persona Top This T-shirt is like wearing a piece of art. The intricately detailed face print is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

  9. Parul

    Minimalist Charm Tee Simple yet striking, this T-shirt with a face print exudes an air of modern elegance that’s perfect for casual outings.

  10. Ekta

    Eclectic Emotions Shirt With an array of expressive faces, this T-shirt captures different moods and adds a playful touch to your wardrobe.

  11. Arya

    Pop Culture Portrait Tee Featuring an iconic pop culture face, this shirt lets you flaunt your fandom while staying fashion-forward.

  12. Karishma

    The variety of faces lets me switch up my look easily. Fun wardrobe addition.

  13. Urvi

    Mystic Gaze Shirt With enigmatic faces that seem to tell a story, this tee adds an aura of mystery to your look.

  14. Nandini

    These T-shirts turn heads wherever I go. Love the attention!

  15. Vanya

    Superb quality. The faces don’t crack or peel, even after multiple washes.

  16. Chahna

    Vibrant Expression Tee This full-length T-shirt is a masterpiece of color and detail. The face design is captivating, and the quality is top-notch.

  17. Mahika

    Monochromatic Marvel Tee The grayscale face design on this tee is chic and versatile, making it an easy choice for day-to-night styling.

  18. Ashwini

    Unveil the Extraordinary Step into a realm of intrigue and beauty with this exceptional face-adorned T-shirt.

  19. Vrinda

    Comfort meets style. The face designs make these tees stand out.

  20. Lakshmi

    Youthful Vibes T-shirt The youthful and lively faces on this tee bring a sense of energy and positivity to your ensemble.

  21. Amrita

    These T-shirts showcase my mood without saying a word. Really creative concept.

  22. Devika

    Vintage Flair Tee Reminiscent of retro portraits, this T-shirt combines vintage vibes with modern comfort for a unique style statement.

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